Francesco Monticini, L’infiniment grand, l’infiniment petit. Astronomie et oniromancie dans le Liber Thesauri Occulti de Romanus Pascalis

Francesco Monticini - Università di Roma 3 / EHESS – Paris
TOME LV 2017
p. 41-57
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Romanus Pascalis, oneiromancy, astronomy, Komnenian era, dreambooks

This paper deals with Romanus Pascalis’ Liber Thesauri Occulti, a Latin oneiromantic treatise written in Constantinople in 1165. This work allows to consider the relationship between astronomy (the infinitely large) and oneiromancy (the infinitely small) in very different ways. By an accurate analysis of the philosophical accounts of the author, one can start an exploration of the Byzantine conceptions of dreams.