Ștefan Petrescu, From Bucharest to Athens: Reflecting on the Balkan Cooperation in the Greek-language Newspapers

Ștefan Petrescu - Institute for South-East European Studies, Bucharest
pp. 119-131
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Greek-language newspapers; Romania; Aromanian issue; Balkan cooperation; rivalry

This article focuses on the Greek-language newspapers editing between the 1840s-1913s. The Greek journalists were concerned within the external affairs of Romania in relation to the nationalisms in the Balkans. In this context the Aromanian issue had been a topic of permanent interest for the newspapers in Romania. The Greeks sought, on the one hand, to defend their economic interests at the mouth of the Danube by improving their legal situation in Romania, and on the other hand, to maintain and strengthen cultural ties with the Greek-speaking world, not just from the Kingdom of Greece.